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Buckeye Locksmith AZ: Transponder Key Problems

The crew at Buckeye Locksmith AZ has kindly provided instructive information for vehicle owners everywhere, not just in Buckeye, Arizona – if you are having problems with your transponder keys, then you might want to take a look at the information provided. All sorts of issues can occur when it comes to car keys, and some of the most common ones have been outlined here. So what can go wrong? Have a look and see if you are dealing with a similar problem!

First of all, for anyone who does not know, a transponder key has a transmitter in its plastic portion. It sends an emission to the receiver, meaning electrical signals are alerting your car that it is okay to start when you use said key with your vehicle. Here are some things that can go wrong…

  • The transponder key simply isn’t working. If the transponder key has stopped working, meaning it is unable to emit the frequency needed to work, it might be lacking in electrical power. If there is low power, then the key might emit a different signal of frequency that is not recognizable to your vehicle. When that happens, often times just a new battery is needed. This is something that is simple to obtain, and it is something that you should do right away. Why? Because it provides security that you need. When it comes to dead batteries, it is such an easy fix, that it is pointless to wait and potentially have to pay for a locksmith or the dealership to unlock or help start your automobile for you. Check the battery! It is part of your car’s anti-theft system, and you want it to be working all of the time, not just some of the time.
  • There is chip damage. The transponder chip can end up becoming damaged, and when this happens, you might end up needing a brand new transponder key. This is something that you can contact your dealership for, and they can make sure that your old key is deactivated.
  • The transponder key is locked. Say that you bought a refurbished transponder key in an effort to save money. The chip has been harvested from another key and inserted into the new key. What could go wrong? Well, with some cars, once the chip is programmed, you are unable to reprogram it. So basically you are left with a key that is locked. For this reason, it is not necessarily the best idea to try to buy new transponder keys online, or at least, refurbished ones. There are many lock and security providers that will refuse to deal with a refurbished transponder key, so it is important to make sure that if you buy one, it comes from a company that you can trust. Make sure the business is reputable and has great reviews. It should be in good standing.
  • The transponder key was programmed incorrectly. If you go to someone without experience, they might not know precisely what they are doing. There are certain tricks that a lock and security professional will know about to ensure everything is done properly. To ensure proper transponder key programming, do your research or call a professional from the get go.
  • The transponder key might be surrounded by too much metal. This might sound strange, but if you have an excessive amount of metal surrounding your transponder key, it could be blocking the transponder from picking up the appropriate signals. At the very least, if you are unable to figure out what is wrong, this is something that is worth looking into as a possible problem.

For the most part, transponder keys come with a great deal of convenience, no matter what you happen to drive. But occasionally, issues can arise. Sometimes, it is as simple as having the battery switched out, which is something that many car owners do themselves. Other times, the issue has to do with improper programming. It is easy to avoid problems by fixing them as soon as signs start to come up. For instance, if your transponder key only works sometimes, or if you can see that there is a light flashing frequently, it might be alerting you that the battery is dying. When you do notice that something is wrong that isn’t in your realm of do it yourself expertise, remember to hire a reputable company for the job. If you are in Buckeye, Arizona, you can call Buckeye Locksmith AZ, but if you are anywhere else, do your research. Look up local locksmiths that are licensed and insured and that have great reviews. Or go to your dealership. Even if these things cost you more at first, you will find that you save money by avoiding potential problems down the road.

There are far too many stories of people buying parts off of places like eBay, only to realize they bought the wrong parts, or that they were misled into buying something not actually needed. There are too many stories of people using so-called experts off Craigslist who weren’t licensed or insured and ended up causing damage to their vehicle or to their car keys. Do things right the first time, even if you think you could save a little bit of money cutting corners. Use an expert who only cuts keys, not corners, no pun intended! Remember that the majority of keys for cars that were created after 1995 use transponder chips. So if your car was made after 1995, you should keep this information in mind because it might come in handy at some point in time.

Watch your transponder key for signs of problems, and if you notice problems, have them dealt with right away! You will be glad that you did later. Remember that this is part of your car’s anti-theft system, so it is your security that is at stake.

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