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Benefits of Home Safe

Who me? That’s what you might be thinking if someone asked you if you have a home safe! Aren’t those reserved for people that live in big mansions or work in banks and credit unions? That’s the common perception but it is not entirely accurate. Anyone in every class of neighborhood can enjoy the many benefits offered by having a home safe. Buckeye Locksmith AZ has put together some great pointers to show you how you can enjoy better security for your valuables and prized possessions by having and using your own residential safe.

So, what can I put in my safe?

The short answer is; anything you want! Here in Buckeye, AZ and all throughout the greater Phoenix Metro area, home owners, renters and lease holders alike are resorting to securing their most valuable possessions inside a home safe. It may be a free standing unit, hidden behind a picture, inside a wall, under a staircase, even buried under the floor! As for contents, you can put anything you like into your safe. You can add cash and jewelry as well as art and rare photographs. Don’t forget flash drives, licenses, warranties and stock certificates. Then, there are appraisals, passports, gold bars, coins, licenses, software, valued mementoes, insurance policies, mortgage documents, licenses, certificates and even guns!

Why not a file cabinet or locking desk drawer?

Sometimes our Buckeye, AZ customers ask us if adding a home safe to protect their possessions is not over-kill. After all, won’t a locking desk drawer or file cabinet do the trick? That really depends on you and how much you value your treasured items. Almost all locking furniture like cabinets, desks, file cabinets and lock boxes can be easily forced open, stolen, or broken into. A simple crow bar or hammer is often all that is needed. Most of these locking items are not as secure as many think and often, they are easily just loaded onto a truck or SUV for opening later. If you are fine with that level of security, that’s great but in the event that you want greater protection, a home safe is definitely the way to go!

What makes a safe, “safe”?

A home safe is aptly named. A well-built, properly maintained one will be able to secure your valuables from theft, nosy neighbors, dust, intruders, moisture, wind, family members, heat, fire and many other perils that can damage or otherwise compromise your belongings. Not only is the actual construction of a safe better than your usual locking desk drawer, but the locks are of higher quality, as well.

Safes can be operated by a dial, key, fingerprint access, number sequence or other form of security access. While movies and television show safes to be easily “cracked” or opened by spies, government agents, mafia lords and foreign military experts, the opposite is really the truth. Your safe really is “safe” and while not impossible to open, it won’t happen quickly and easily like films like to portray.

So, where do I get my safe?

There are many places here in Buckeye, AZ or in metro Phoenix to purchase a good residential safe. You can shop locally at area retail stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears and Sam’s Club. Most of these stores also have a presence online if you wish to shop that way. Keep in mind that the sales person helping you (if any) is NOT a safe expert and won’t be of much help if you have questions or need more specialized information.

One great way to learn more about which home safes might be right for your needs is to “Google” the subject and see what other online retailers are charging for their safes and well as the going rates for installation, shipping, set-up fees, and warranty service. Amazon, E-Bay and Craigslist are also great sources for both shopping and research. Don’t forget to check reviews; both good and bad. You can learn a lot about sellers, safe brands, models, maintenance and more by reading what others have experienced with their safes.

How about a safe store?

Safe stores are where many shop for their safes and while there is nothing wrong with doing this, it can be a little pricier as you will be dealing with extra middle-men and higher mark ups. Bear in mind that safe stores are the retail end and they almost always outsource their delivery, set-up, repair, service and maintenance to local locksmith shops. Many times the retail store staff or even owners will not know the answers to your buying or service questions and will get back to you after consulting with their locksmith friends. What does this tell you? You guessed it; call your own locksmith!

Which locksmith?

Ah, glad you asked! Sure, you can call Buckeye Locksmith AZ but you don’t have to! There are many local lock and key shops that can help you. Just use a company that you feel comfortable working with. We always recommend that you work with real locksmith experts and not just handymen or unlicensed dabblers that work for a call center. If your items are worth protecting with a safe, they are worth the price of a full service, licensed, bonded and insured lock professional. Contrary to popular thought; a true locksmith doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to work with. Call around and see who is affable on the telephone and cheerfully gives you answers to your questions.

The right locksmith company for your residential safe needs should offer free price quotes, 24-hour emergency help, same day service, mobile convenience and affordable pricing. It’s always best to work with a safe shop that specializes in ALL aspects of lock and key service including residential, automotive, commercial and emergency service. Remember; you are entrusting your security and lock protection to a professional, so why not be sure to select one that can handle ALL of your home, business and driving locksmith needs?

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