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Ways to Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Always Secured

If you peak inside someone’s garage, you might find fitness equipment, kitchen appliances, gardening tools, office equipment and cars. These are all things that can be of value to you or someone else. While inside your home, you likely have valuable assets stored in a safe. In either case, you have valuables that you wish to protect. Just how yourself, just how secure is your garage and if you think it could be more secure? A thief knows that many people leave their homes and garages susceptible to intrusion because they don’t always have them secured. Since most career criminals are accustomed to compromising various types of locks and security systems, it stands to reason that getting inside your garage wouldn’t be much of a challenge for them. They are aware of the fact that most garage doors do not have a security alarm on them and that most homeowners only install them on windows and doors of their home. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to make it as difficult as possible for them to gain access into your garage and home.

Good Garage Doors

With the idea of knowing that someone can get inside your home through your garage, it stands to reason that you would need to consider just how durable your garage doors actually are. Just what is a good garage door? A good durable garage door is steel or a roll up type of door. These enhance your level of protection and intrusion.

Durable Locks

Your garage door opener doesn’t take the place of you’re a lock. The lock that we are discussing is a lock to secure the actual door. This wouldn’t be a traditional lock that you would simply use on your front door. This is a heavy-duty deadbolt lock used for areas like the garage. Since it is such a durable lock, an intruder will often go in the opposite direction if they know they have to try to cut through this type of lock. It would take them too much time and could mean that someone would notice them attempting to break-in. They won’t want to take the chance. Deadbolt locks are best known for the level of durability they offer and are great locks for your garage door.

Here are some additional locks that we like for garage doors:

  • Padlocks – If you buy a padlock make sure it is made of sturdy, thick metal. It is placed on a bar across an exterior door and offers added protection.
  • Bolt – If you here someone referring to a bolt lock they are often referring to a deadbolt. The bolt in this instance is going to be installed on the tracks of the garage to impeded movement. It must be removed in order for you to use your garage.
  • Anchors- Concrete anchors prevent the garage door from opening from the outside.
Securing Garage Door Windows

When you are in the market for a garage door that is both durable and attractive, you might decide to purchase one with a window. If you have an existing garage door and are interested in making it look fresher and more attractive, you may have windows installed. While our locksmith technicians at Buckeye Locksmith AZ, Buckeye, AZ are not opposed to doing this, they will tell you that you have to take certain precautions to avoid a break-in. If a would-be-intruder is staking out your home, they may start by seeing what is in your garage. You make this very easy for them if you do not take precautions to avoid them from being able to do so.

Our suggestions, if you have garage door windows; is to place a curtain over them or have them tinted. While they might assume that you have some valuables inside, they are less likely going to attempt to break-in without knowing for sure. They will go to another home where they know for certain what they stand to gain once they break-in. Our locksmith technicians believe that investing in tinting, is money well spent.

More Security Features to Consider

You might be aware of just how beneficial it is to have a security system installed in your home but you may not realize just how easy it is for a locksmith to get into your home or garage. Despite being able to get into the home through your garage, there are some things that you are able to do to better secure your home and family.

  • Iron gate
  • Window Grills
  • Rolling code (security pad)
  • CCTV

Durable locks for side doors. If you have a side door that will give you access into your garage, do not overlook the need to secure your exterior doors. If you’re unable to add this door to your security system, you should certainly begin place a lock on the door.

Securing your garage door is not difficult if you heed the caution that someone can get into your home through your garage. Again, if you have windows on your garage, prevent others from looking inside. Add a lock or a bar onto the door of your garage, if possible. Utilize any features that are offered to you via your garage door opener that could help to better secure your garage door. Consult the Owner’s Manual or consult with your local locksmith about the different ways you can enhance the security of your home. If you have a limited budget, a locksmith is certainly able to assist you in this regard since they work with locks all day, every day. The wrong thing to do is to simply ignore the possibility of someone coming in through your garage. We see this happen more times than not and this is why we highly recommend you take immediate action to secure your home, valuables and loved ones.

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